Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Wednesday Wives Tales~Butterflies

We've been seeing so many butterflies lately, that I thought it might be interesting to find some old superstitions about them.

1. If you find three butterflies together, it's a sign of good luck.

2. If butterflies arrive early for the season, it is a sign that good weather is here to stay.

3. If the first butterfly you see is dark, it means there will be a lot of thunderstorms during the spring and summer.

4. If a butterfly flies inside of your house, someone in the family will soon marry.

5. If the first butterfly you see is white, you will have good luck throughout the season.

6. If a butterfly comes into the house, a lady will soon visit and her dress will be the same color as the butterfly.

7. If a butterfly lights on your shoulder, you will soon get some new clothes.

There were many more~some not so 'fun'. Do you know any superstitions about butterflies?


  1. That was fun, and interesting, I hope to see alot of them this season!

  2. I've never heard any wives tales about butterflies... these are very interesting. Are you compiling these in book form? You should!

  3. Hi Rosemary! I LOVE LOVE LOVE butterflies! Hope you are having a wonderful day:)

  4. These are great, Rose Mary. The only one I know about is the one about the butterfly lighting on a shoulder.

    We are taking a couple of the g'babies to Faust Park (St Louis) and the Butterfly House, soon. Butterflies will light on our shoulders, and hands and even our noses. Drewby is interested in some special bug that is there, at the moment!!

  5. I don't think I've ever heard of any butterfly wives tales-so I loved all of these. I may never look at a butterfly the same : )

  6. I love butterflies, saw a pretty black one today down at our garden. I've never heard of any wives tales about them.