Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Wednesday Wives Tales~Doors

Did you know that there are odd beliefs about doors? Most seem to involve entering and leaving through the front door of the house. Always enter and leave by the same door.

It seems an odd thing to me and I can't help but wonder where people got the idea about the doors they were entering and leaving and how this affected their 'luck'. I'm still researching this question. Does anyone know?

1. If you are moving to a new house, the first time you enter it must be through the front door.

2. A wedding couple should only enter a house by the front door.

3. The front door of a bride's house must not be closed while she is at the church getting married. (Does anybody leave their door unlocked these days?)

4. Letting the foot of the bed face a doorway causes bad luck.

5. Nailing a horseshoe on a door will bring good luck--just make sure it's nailed up in the shape of a U to keep your luck from 'falling out'!

6. Having a black cat greet you at your door is good luck! (At last, something nice about cats, LOL).

7. If a spider builds a web across your front door, you are going to have company!

Have a wonderful day~and make sure you use the front door!


  1. I've heard the one about the horseshoe, even seen that but havent' heard of the others.
    Patty H.

  2. I've heard of most of these. A couple of others are: putting a broom across the threshold when cutting a new door into a room and the first person entering your door on New Years Day must be a male. My grandma totally believed in that one!

  3. I've heard a few of these, Rose Mary- the funny thing is I remember both sets of my grandparents having a horseshoe hanging over their doors! I think I know why now!