Thursday, January 11, 2007

Basket Day

Do you love baskets? I've sort of an obsession with them, myself. I suspect that some of it has to do with the fact that I can stuff so much, well, 'stuff', in them! I'm not sure how many of them I actually have, as they are stashed in different cubby holes all around my house. Some of them are new, some are old. Several are white oak baskets handmade in the Ozark mountains of Arkansas.

My favorite basket, the one in the chair, belonged to my great-grandmother, Mary Elizabeth Young. She was born during the Civil War, the exact date not known. She came to Arkansas with her parents in the late 1870's. She married and homesteaded with her husband and nine children. I like to imagine her using this basket, filling it with the beautiful flowers that she grew on that homestead, the very property where we now live.
When I look out my back window, I can see the place of their original homestead house. Later, they built a bigger, more elaborate house on another section of the property. Her home burned many years ago, but I own several of her possessions, including this basket. I never knew Mary Elizabeth, but a little of her lives on through her descendants, a few still living that remember her. I never knew her, of course, but I think of her, imagine her, when I see this basket.


  1. I love baskets too and one of my cats, the calico, loves to curl up and sleep in them. So where ever she finds one it's a good place for a nap for her! Nothing looks better, too, than a basket with a quilt spilling out of it.

  2. I agree Chris, baskets make great hidey places for cats--both of mine love them, too. So nice of you to stop by--and thanks for linking me to your fav places!

  3. I love baskets as well and have them scattered throughout our home holding magazines and Ben's (our lab) toys - how fantastic that you have one that once belonged to your great grandmother!!
    Thanks for your nice comment on my blog!

  4. I see that you started your blog the same day that I did...I look forward to visiting yours again!