Thursday, January 25, 2007

Early Morning Walk

I love to take a walk early in the morning before the frost is gone. This morning, by the time I made my way outside, the sun was already beginning to melt off the icy glow. Walking past the pond, I noticed that some recent storms have blown down more of the old trees along the edge of the water. A days work when we get to it. In another month or so the bare trees will already be budding out and spring will be on it's way!
Mousey, as always, accompanied me on my walk. She is a little camera shy, so this is the best shot that I could get.


  1. Good Morning Rosemary, your property looks wonderful. How lucky to have a pond and all those trees. My kitties would so envy yours being able to roam outside.

  2. What beautiful pictures and perfect walking companion.

  3. Wow- what a view of your pond. It must be so relaxing to sit and gather your thoughts on a beautiful sunny day!

    Take Care,

  4. what a beautiful place you have to walk in lucky you Rosemary.

  5. What a sweet and special place dear Rosemary! I love the pictures....I can just feel the chilly air...Mousey is the perfect walking companion! I wish my Lucy and henry could walk like that with me but it would never be safe I wish they could! For now, they sit at the windows and dream...
    Have a wonderful weekend.
    Warm hugs,

  6. Thanks for all your sweet comments, girls. I love it when you guys drop by!