Thursday, March 1, 2007

Five Reasons Why I Blog

Morning everyone! Senkyoshi has challenged me to post five reasons why I blog. It is something that I've had to think about. A year ago, I didn't know the difference between a blog or a forum The first time I registered to join a forum, I panicked when it asked me start a thread. What's a thread??? Of course, eventually I figured it out! So, here goes.

#1. I was amazed to discover personal blogs--places people were talking about themselves and their lives. I thought having one might be a good way to share my life and faith as a Christian wife and mom.

#2. Blogland is full of interesting people and places. You can read about a lady gardening in Australia or someone taking a walk down a country road in Wales--the possibilities are endless once you start looking.

#3. I love to write and think that this is good practice. Some days are better than others on the writing skills, LOL.

#4. I hoped to make friends with a lot of these amazing people I was reading about. And I have!! I live in a very remote area and good friends who have things in common with me aren't easy to come by. Senkyoshi is in Japan, Carol is in Germany, Sue is in MO, Tammy is in OH and the list goes on and on. There is no other way I would have had the opportunity to meet any of you wonderful people these past few weeks.

#5. Last, blogging is just plain fun. I enjoy it everyday--even when what I say seems to be boring or mundane, someone comes along and leaves a sweet and uplifting comment for me. Thanks all of you for your friendship.
Now, if you girls are interested in telling us why you blog: I tag Tammy at Among Friends, Betty at Country Charm and anyone else who would like to tell us why you've taken up the 'challenge' of blogging.
Everyone have a great day.


  1. I accept the "tag" but...I do believe I will save it for March 28 which is my one year blogversary!!
    Loved all your answers!!

  2. PS...could you tell me which blog your friend is at as the link is not working??

  3. Try it now, Tammy. I am new at this and mess up alot, LOL!

  4. 5 reasons why to blog? I can think of alot but only 1 sticks to mind. Finding friends.... The End!

  5. Thanks for sharing your reasons. It is amazing to me how many reasons people have for blogging, but one seems to be true for us all...friendship.

  6. Yes, one can make friends around the world, with blogging.

    And previous to blogging, I did that, with forums. Or Mailing Lists as they were called 'back in the day.' And now, they seem to be called Groups, a lot too.

    The World Wide Net is an amazing thing.


  7. Loved your answers dear Rosemary!
    I so love blogging too and it has become such a wonderful oart of my life!

    Great post!


  8. Rosemary, I love your answers and I agree with each one!! The friendships made here are special treaures, like neighbors who drop by for coffee and chat. You have a great weekend!!

  9. Hi Rosemary~

    Love your blog. I'm new to Blogland and am loving every minute of it. Your reasons hit home.


  10. RoseMary,
    I just yesterday found out that you tagged me for Five Reasons I Blog.

    I certainly will participate.
    I appreciate your reasons.


  11. Super reasons! I'm just glad you decided to blog. As soon as I have time to give this some thought, I may take you up on this challenge. xoxox