Friday, March 23, 2007


Our weather has been so warm these past few days that I'm finding myself more and more anxious to get started on some new flower beds. Our last frost date has passed, but I always give it an extra week or two before I actually plant anything, just in case Mr. Winter tries to make one last little contribution to us!

As you can see, my catnip is having no trouble adjusting to the weather. All my herb books say that it should be planted in light, sandy soil. My catnip is planted in heavy red clay and does just fine. Better than fine--I didn't plant it in this planter! Actually, I have so much space to cover around here, I don't mind invasive plants too much. I'm thinking catnip can be used for a filler in a lot of 'problem' spots that I have. I think that oregano might be used the same way. It has managed to completely eliminate my chives.

Do any of you growing catnip have trouble with your outside cats bothering it? Sabrina, above, doesn't seem to notice it at all.

I'd love to hear any of your herb growing tips!

Have a great day.


"This is the day the Lord has made; let us rejoice and be glad in it." Psalm 118:24


  1. Rosemary,
    Sabrina looks pretty happy, maybe she gets in the stuff when you aren't looking. I don't have a kitty anymore, but the last one I had loved catnip.
    The weather here is starting to look a lot better, 40-60 instead of 10-20 during the day. I guess it will come along it always does.

  2. Your Kitty looks like my kitty, Cute.

  3. My friend you are asking MRS. Black thumb. Hah- I am lucky to plant some bedding plants in the Spring.

    I love to look at God's creations of plants, flowers, etc. I just need to learn to take care of them.

    Catnip huh? Let me know about it.

    Take care,

  4. What a delightful photo of Sabrina.

    Have a wonderful weekend and blessings to you all.

  5. I've never tried to grow herbs, I'm thinking of trying a few this spring though!
    Pretty kitty!
    I just love a black cat!!

  6. I must learn more about my garden -as the joys I see from friends blogs - makes me enthusiastic to experiment too.

    I have never heard of 'catnip', must admit many other plants - catch me out too.

    I must find the time to watch "gardening programmes" as well as buy a good magazine.

    I do appreciate so much your comments on my blog - Rosemary - they were wonderful.

    Thank you.

    Blessings to you and your family on this beautiful spring weekend - here in Scotland.

  7. Rosemary, first of all I was so excited to see you at MaryJane's!!!
    Secondly, I happened across this link the other day, and I think you will find just what you need. I am using it b/c I have never grown herbs b4, and want to start this year!

  8. I am still waiting myself. Winter tends to come say "I'm still here" whenever I become impatient. I plan on having a few herbs this year, a trial run because I don't know much about growing herbs. So goodluck to both of us, lol.

  9. What a gorgeous cat your Sabrina is. Those plants look so vibrant and healthy. I want to grow some herbs too. I'm going now to check out the link beemoosie posted. xoxo

  10. I'm sure Sabrina appreciates all of you compliments! She is thirteen years old now and we would love it if she would retire as a 'housecat', but she is still an outdoors kind of girl--unless it is too hot or too cold outside, of course!

    Everybody be sure and check out the website that Bemoosie left on her comment if you are interested in herbs--it's a great site.