Monday, March 5, 2007

Little Things

Enjoy the little things, for one day you may look back and realize they were the big things.

~James Buckham~

Flying a kite is not always a simple thing, yet we tend to think of it that way. It has been years since we have flown a kite. Here in these mountains, there is a curious sort of swirly wind caused by the mountain range--so the theory goes--and getting a kite in the air is not always that easy. But, I can remember the anticipation on two little girl's faces as their dad patiently tried over and over again to get the thing airborne. There was great applause when it was finally aloft, it's rag tail proudly flapping in the gusty waves of wind. But it is the delight and wonder on their faces that I remember the most.

It seemed such a little thing at the time, spending time up on the hill flying those kites, but now I look back on those days and see how special those moments really were. Maybe someday we will be up on that hill with our grandchildren, repeating the same ritual, watching the excitement and delight on their faces as that colorful kite finally makes it's way up into the sky.

I suppose these gusty March winds have me thinking about kite flying and digging back to those old memories. Maybe we shouldn't wait for grandchildren to have an excuse to fly another kite--maybe we should make some more memories right now!
Have a great day--and go fly a kite if the weather is right for it!


  1. I love to watch kites!!
    The last time I saw some was on the beach in Destin Fl...floating in the blue sky above the beautiful aquamarine ocean!!
    Thanks for helping me remember!!

  2. I remember those cups. jelly I think came in them. Kite flying was alot of fun as a kid. Oh the memories :)

  3. I say don't wait. Tomorrow may never come. Enjoy the moment the Lord has given you. But I am sure The grandchildren are in the mind of God somewhere, Don't you think? Bless you, connie from Texas

  4. Thanks for conjuring up some of my favorite childhood memories in California! Flying kites on mustard colored hills! And the jelly glasses - I had forgotten about collecting them at one time!

  5. Let's hope kite flying never becomes a thing of the past. My grand daughter May loves to fly a kite and I'm so glad! Thanks for the reminder that kite season is here! Cute glass too!

  6. We had some of those glasses. :-)

    Most of the kites we see this time of year are the kite boarders out on the sound. We watched an incredible guy out there this afternoon. matter what kind they're fun!


  7. I remember going over to the school yard to fly kites as kids. So much fun! I was also a huge Peanuts fan too, especially that Snoopy! :)

  8. Well, I still haven't bought a kite but I'm going to when I go to town later this week. The more I think about it, the more fun it sounds. I love these old glasses, too. I find them every once in awhile and buy them if they aren't unreasonable. Snoopy, Charlie Brown and Lucy, along with all the rest were such a fun part of childhood!

  9. What a very sweet post...we used to take Dan kite flying and have taken Grace and our nephew to see some pros fly theirs. It is such fun and yes, we should do it more! I think we need to do just than soon...with the park. Thank you for making me think!