Saturday, March 10, 2007

Saturday Afternoon

This old photograph is of my grandmother--the little girl with her elbow on the organ--and her sisters, Kate and Myra and brother Luther, in the original homestead house here on our farm. Probably taken about 1906. The old house was destroyed by a tornado back in the 1930's.

Not much going on in the cordwood cabin today. My brother and nephew are visiting, so it's a day of fun and conversation, along with a little fishing thrown in. Hope you are all having a great Saturday.


"This is the day the Lord has made; let us rejoice and be glad in it." Psalm 118:24


  1. Great picture, I am sure you are glad you have it. I wouldn't trade my old pictures for anything. I am glad you still have it. connie from Texas

  2. Love that old vintage photo! Priceless!

  3. my step grandfather had an organ much like that one in his front had long lost it's sound but us kids loved to play with it!!

  4. Thank you so much for sharing that old photo! Oh my, if you have more, I wish you would share them with us also. I love old photos!!

    I posted some, a while ago. And I'm remembering another, which I'll have to try to take a digital pic of. No scanner here, so I can't do it 'the usual way.' :-) But the pictues of pictures, came out quite well.


  5. Oh what a precious picture. I have a few of my ancestors also. Thanks so much for sharing, it is an awesome photo!

  6. I didn't know you live on the same land as your family did, how neat! I love old family photo's too, they are to be cherished and passed down. Enjoy this lovely Sunday of ours! How was the fishing? lol

  7. Yes, Sue, we do live on old family land. My great grandparents started homesteading here in the late 1800's. They were too young to get in on the good valley land, and by the time they were of age, they had to take this hilly, rocky part! They had a good life on here and raised 9 children. Those in the photo are their younger ones.