Wednesday, September 5, 2007

County Fair Time

Our county fair begins tonight. It is a rainy day, so I'm sure the turn-out is going to be slim. Hopefully, the weather will be better by Friday and Saturday--the most important days to most fair goers.

I am looking forward to seeing the animals and also the crafts and food barn. I'm always drawn to the sheep and rabbits, as well as the 'fancy' chickens. We have a neighbor girl that raises goats and I'm looking forward to seeing them on exhibit.

Every year I say that I'm going to make something and enter it--and then, I never do. Maybe next year!

Do any of you enter food or crafts in your own county fairs?



  1. What a pretty display!

    I did not make our fair although the 4-H kicked it off with a parade down our street to the fair took by surprise one afternoon, having no idea it was going to happen as I don't take the paper! This parade was way better than the one we had the 4th of July having had 2 marching bands and they were really marching!

    I've never entered anything although I do like to look at the entries!

  2. I've never entered anything either, but have always dreamed of doing so. I love to look at all the entries too! PS... I would love to know more about your cordwood cabin... my son is researching them now and thinks he would like to build one. Do you have pictures to share?