Thursday, September 13, 2007

September Reading

I hope all of you are getting a great start to September. We have had some cooler mornings lately, and it is nice to have my windows open at least part of the day. No real sign of fall here, yet, other than the morning temps, but in a month or so, we should start to have a little bit of color. I know that by the time we get any, some of you are already into your winter snows!

Being September, it is time for my annual reading of Stillmeadow Seasons by Gladys Taber. I really do love this book and its old fashioned feel for 'home'. She was a woman that loved being in her home~enjoying the simple things in life, like cooking, taking care of the house, reading, and enjoying her pets. It is a very peaceful book and one I pick up several times a year.

My copy belonged to my great aunt and is in very poor condition. She allowed her children to write in it and color some of the sketches. I keep thinking I will replace it, but I guess I am sentimental about the book having been hers.

So, what are all of you reading?

Have a great day,



  1. I remember reading a copy of this from the library when the kids were small...I enjoyed it very much and will look it up at my libary tomorrow as my books are due back!

    We are cooler and going to get even cooler this weekend!!

  2. Oh, I just love Gladys Taber! I will be sure to pick up a couple of her books at the library this week. Eventually, I would like to add them to my personal library. :0)

  3. This sounds like a wonderful book. I've started an Agatha Christie, autobiography. That was awhile ago. I pick it up and read a bit, now and then, that's why it's taking me awhile to finish it.


  4. I remember this book...and what a treasure you have in a family copy.

    I also like re-reading the Laura Ingall's books in the Fall.

    I have Susan Branch's books of Autumn and always re-read them a lot!
    The illustrations are so delightful!

    I hope you are well...enjoy the cooler weather and sweet Fall fun.


  5. Thank you for this post Rose Mary - I adore Gladys Taber quotes & will look for this book. It sounds like wonderful September reading.

  6. Hi RM,
    I have five Taber books, one is a picture book of her houses inside and out, and her dogs. I also have a HANDWRITTEN LETTER from her that she wrote to MY AUNT. My Aunt had sent her a pair of hand knit slippers and she wrote back to thank her. The envelope has the stillmeadow postmark.
    Maybe I will get her books out and re- read them too. I will post a picture of them and the letter in a few days for you to see.

  7. I'm glad to know so many Gladys Taber fans! Nancy Jo--I am looking forward to seeing pictures of the letter~and I'm sure everyone else is!

  8. I wish I had more time to read. When do read I always fall asleep because its at the end of the day. My be if I change the time I read. But the book looks good I will have to try and find it.
    Have a great day.

  9. Looks like a nice book but I don't think I have ever read anything by her. Our mornings are getting cooler too, and the goldenrod is beginning to bloom.

  10. name is Shelley. I host a website devoted to Gladys Taber. (I was doing a search and came up with this blog.) I hope that you'll visit Gladys Taber's Stillmeadow. The link is...

    There are some wonderful Gladys columns there...we'd love to have you stop by and visit.