Friday, September 7, 2007

Meme Anyone?

I found this meme over at Quilted Together and thought I would give it a try.

1. Accent? Southern
2. alcohol? No
3. Chore I hate: cleaning the bathroom
4. Pets?: three cats, one dog, six chickens
5. Essential electronics: computer, DVD--does a hair dryer and electric rollers count???
6. Perfume?: Rarely
7. Gold or silver? Silver
8.Insomnia? Sometimes
9. Job title?: Homemaker
10. Most admired trait-- loyal friend
11. Kids?: two daughters, 23 and 21.
12. Phobia? I don't think so--though sometimes I don't like crossing bridges.
13. Religion?: Christian
14. Siblings?: one brother
15. Time I wake up?: 6:30
16. Unusual talent/skill?: ?????
17. Vegetable love/hate?: I love most vegetables--except cauliflower
18Worst habit?: indecision
19. X-Rays?: dental, arm, finger--broke it when I was twelve, catching a football.
20. Favorite meal?: fajitas--most Mexican food.

Okay--any of you want to tell us some things about yourself?


  1. 1. Accent: North Eastern
    2. Alchol: Rare
    3. Chore I hate: Laundry
    4. Pets: Three rescue dogs, lots of grand~ animals
    5. Essential electronics: Laptop
    6. Perfume: Winter time
    7. Gold or Silver: Silver
    8. Insomnia: Yes
    9. Job title: Small business owner
    10: Most admired trait: Believer
    11. Kids: One daughter, two sons, two grandaughters
    12. Phobias: Bees!
    13. Religion: Christian
    14. Siblings: One sister, one brother
    15. Time I wake up: 5:30 am
    16. Unusual talent: Choreographer for musical shows.
    17. Vegetables/love-hate: Love!
    18. Worst habit: Starting a project before finishing another.
    19. Xrays: Dental, MRI
    20. Favorite meal: Thanksgiving

    Well, is a little bit about me!

  2. I'm hungry for fajita's!!

    I enjoyed reading more about you!

  3. RoseMary, glad to read more about you. Have a good, good Sunday. connie from Texas

  4. Oh how I love lists! We always learn so much more about each other and that is always good!
    I loved reading yours! Those long walks with the doggies with the pretty leaves underfoot sound so good! : )

    Have a blessed Sunday dear Rosemary!


  5. I enjoyed learning more about you! I don't like cleaning the bathroom or crossing bridges either!