Tuesday, September 18, 2007


Mums always seem spell out 'fall' to me, but we are back into some summer weather. Guess I'll just look at my mums and dream, LOL.

I hope some of you are getting a little of that great fall weather that is bound to be coming our way sometime soon! I've not been doing much. Today I dragged out my October issues of Country Living and Victoria that I keep stashed on the shelf. I thought maybe they would give me some inspiration, despite sitting in the air conditioning while I went through them.

Well, to look on the bright side, the air conditioning is cool and what could be more enjoyable than to make a pot of Earl Grey tea and look through your favorite magazines? I do hope all of you had an enjoyable day!



  1. I hope that your temps start dropping soon. Mums are always something to bring a smile to a persons face. Very Nice. Enjoy your TEA!

  2. Our neighborhood plants mums-heck I am lucy to plant in the spring :)

    Fall is nice-but I still can't stand the cold and darn it-if fall does not remind me that winter is just around the corner :)

    Take care,

  3. It is hard to get motivated for fall when it is hot. I live in CA. and its just know started to feel cooler. I too am getting in the mood to decorate for fall, and start to cook some of those good pot roast meals that just does not sound good in the summer. Have a blessed day.

  4. Letting you know I read this. But my "Commenting Muse" seems to have left me. -sigh-

    But I still want you to know, that I did stop by.


  5. Hi Rose Mary
    I do the same thing - pull out all the old Fall issues of favourite magazines :-}. Looking through them with a cup of Earl Grey tea sounds wonderful.

  6. What a pretty color your mums are!!

    It warmed back up here just a tad but we know it's not for long...right?

    Cooler temps do it for me...that and the spicey scents of the season all brings me into "Fall" mode!

  7. The house is decorated, the pumpkin scented candle is lit and I'm waiting to wear a sweatshirt!


  8. Thanks for the wishes dear friend! Gee, didnt' we get spoiled last week with that tease of fall and now were back to summer, but at least we don't have to buy propane just yet! lol Love the mums and mags!!

  9. Hi Mary! I just had to sneak on here & post a "Hi" to you & say how pretty your Mums are. Hope you don't mind. I finally posted to my own blog. I know, I now....I only signed up for it sometime back in the dark ages & am just now posting to it. ***sigh*** Oh well, better late than never, right? :)

    Have a great day & enjoy your tea....make that some hot coco & I might join you. :)

    Aunt Deb

  10. Seeing these beautiful mums are getting me in the mood to purchase some for my front porch. I am looking around for some different containers this year. With all this CL forum ideas~ it's easy to be inspired!

  11. Your mums are SO pretty, Rose Mary!! It's looking like fall at your house!

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  13. Big waves to everyone that stopped by. Thanks Mari-Nanci for the photo advice. Hi "Aunt DJ"! Thanks for stopping by.