Friday, September 21, 2007

Good Morning

It was so cool when I opened the front door this morning! That is truly the first sign of fall in our area. It may get up to 90 degrees today~but at least we started out with a little bit of cool air! In the summer, it is sometimes up in the 80s by 7 o'clock.

Above is of one of my very favorite Charles Wysocki pictures. It goes over my Hoosier cabinet every fall and stays until time to decorate for Christmas. I would, of course, love to have an original print, but I think the puzzle pieces add a lot of character to the picture.

My dh made the pine frame for me several years ago. I painted it red to go with the dining room colors. I try to keep a little bit of red in every room. I think that it is a very 'happy' color and adds a little bit of 'spark' to decorating. Red and gold are usually my main fall decorating colors, as pumpkin--a color I do love--does not go well with the rest of my things--so I just use it in small bits. Usually with real pumpkins. I like to buy several of the smaller ones to put around the house.

My husband is off for a few days, so we will be getting some things done around here, as well as using some of the time to visit with our younger daughter at college.

Have a great weekend.


  1. Before I learned about blogs I did a Thomas Kincaid puzzle...I did not leave it together though and probably should have...that is very pretty!!

  2. Beautiful picture! I like a splash of red in some rooms too. If your house has a lot of wood, which I think it does, (duh; cordwood cabin) red is one of the best colors to show up against the wood tones.

  3. Have a nice weekend. Keep cool.Its raining cat and dogs here, but Iam loving it.

  4. PRETTY PICTURE. I love red too, red and yellow are the best accent colors, should be little bit some where in every room.

  5. Yeaaaa for a cool morning! :-)

    And that is a grand Wysocki picture. And you too are lucky to have a husband who can do things like make frames and etc. :-)


  6. I adore Charles Wysocki! I have 2 of his prints and love them. I have a Hoosier too, one that has traveled with me to 5 states! I wish I had a place upstairs for it but it is in our basement family room. I would love to see more photos of yours! : )
    I love splashes of red everywhere.

    I adore cabins, always fancied living in one. You are living in one of my dreams! *smile* And you are one oh the sweetest people in my blog circle...thank you for being so dear Rosemary!


  7. Beautiful picture - I love the style of Charles Wysocki & have purchased calendars with his artwork in the past. How wonderful that your husband made the frame - making it even more special.

  8. Hi RoseMary!,
    I loved hearing about the Fall decorating of your cabin! I use a lot of red too, but also green and yellow. I'll be trying some new shades in the house-to-be. We've already painted the bathroom "Buttercream" and I'm pleased to say I'm lovin it!
    Love your CW picture too-it does make such a nice Fall accent!
    Blessings dear friend! Claudia O

  9. I love your picture and I love red. I hope you have a good time with your daughter. connie from Texas