Thursday, February 22, 2007

Five Weird Things

I've been tagged by Terri over at TK Angels and Baseball Fund to post five weird things about myself. A while back I posted ten weird things about myself, so now I'm posting a few more. My dh said, "you can only think of so many weird things about yourself" which I thought was sweet of him to say!

Weird things:

#1. I always hang my laundry on the clothes line in a certain order, starting with towels. Okay, some of you think I'm weird because I have a clothesline, LOL. But it really bothers me if items are not hung in a certain order.

#2. I only like cheap ketchup. The expensive stuff is just way to rich tasting for me, I guess!

#3. Like Terri, I generally have some Christmas items out all year.

#4. Every September I read Stillmeadow Seasons by Gladys Taber. I'm not sure why I always do this in September but that's when I always get the urge to read it.

#5. I still like to read books I enjoyed in my childhood, like Nancy Drew books and The Three Investigator books.

There--that's as weird as it gets for now.

Everyone have a great day.
Oops, almost forgot. I now tag Alpicks Treasure and Shirlee at big blue sky!



  1. Oh goodness, I was tagged for six a while back. I'll have to enlist the DH's help because the last time he asked "only six?"

    I woould love to have a clothesline. I love the smell of sheets and towels after they've been line dried. :)

  2. Oh you are sweet, not weird at all!

  3. It's not weird to hang out clothes in a certain order, I do it too, just makes sense to me? If I'm weird because of it, I'm in good company!! Can't wait to see what my sis comes up with!! lol

  4. Ok I will have to think hard and come up with some good ones. Thanks for tagging me.

  5. when I had a clothes line I was just like you...the clothes had to be in a certain order...why is that ya think?
    I love the book you mentioned too although it has been a while since I read it!
    You sound like an "old fashioned" gal...I like that!!

  6. I agree- the clothes on the clothes line should be hung a certain way.

    Ahh the smell of fresh linens on the line is so Spring like. Glad I found someone else who has some Christmas in every room.

    Take care,

  7. Oh, another who appreciates Dear Gladys Taber! Wondering if you have any more of her books..?

    Over the years, I was able to collect most all the books she wrote...concerning Stillmeadow and Stillcove. I was even able to drive by Stillmeadow one Sept. day, long ago. And when her daughter Connie saw us sitting there, me with that awestruck "I'm here!!!" look on my face, she graciously called us in. Gladys was not there at that time, but Connie and the girls were. The girls were gathering blackberries.

    It was such a thrill for me to actually seeeeeeee that fireplace we all learn to 'know,' from her writings, and the like. A sweet memory...

    I love the way she wrote, by the months of the year. One can always pick up one {or many} of her books, when we flip to the next calendar page, and find things which pertain to life, at that time.

    Pardon my little trip 'down memory lane,' in your comments section. :-)

    And as to your laundry hanging habit, I too like {dare I say _must_ have!} things in order. Well, not everything... because not everything of mine, is in perfect order. But... there are certain things, which calm me, by their order.

    Oh my! This may be one of the longest comments ever made here! Or in Blog Land in total. I rammmmmble. :-)


  8. I did this in January, I think-you could look in my archives if you want to see just how weird I am!

  9. I am sure that NONE of you are weird! You are the nicest bunch and I'm enjoying getting to know all of you!

  10. Well, my goodness! You're such a wierdo; I never would have guessed! You've always seemed so normal to me...

  11. I used to hang my clothes out too and I had to hang them just the way you do. I wish I could hang them now, but our apartment complex doesn't allow it. But, unlike you, I have to have Hunt's ketchup or no ketchup! These things are fun to help us get to know each other, aren't they?