Wednesday, February 21, 2007

Taking The Challenge

Okay, Sue, I'm taking the challenge. Here is my own little blogging spot, located in a corner of our living room. It's actually a shared corner, as dh uses this computer, too. I know it looks a little messy, but this is the 'cleaned up' version', LOL. I'm trying to find more ways to organize it and give it a neater look. Someday, we hope to expand this area and have more space for books as well as papers.

We are going to enjoy another warm day today! I've still got some painting to do as well as catch up on some paper work. All of you have a great day.



  1. Thats a nice space you have. It look organized to me. Good job.

  2. my you have a nice spot there...looks like we have the same!
    I looked up the book in yesterday's post and my library has it...I'll be reading soon!!

  3. It's not messy!! Is that a cabinet desk, where you can close it up? I like it!! Looks very cozy and warm. Thanks for posting it, nice space!

  4. Oh you took the challenge already! I must 'get crackin'.' :-)

    You left a comment in my blog saying; "Don't you miss Victoria magazine? I treasure all my old copies." Yes I do miss Victoria and yes, I do treasure my old copies.

    Did you ever happen to see an entry I made a while ago, about Victoria and how it still brings people together?


  5. What a cozy blogging spot you have!

  6. I love your spot! I am a cabin kind of gal!

  7. I love your blogging space. I will have to post a pic of mine soon-if my cat will let me.

    Thanks for the sweet note.

    Take care,

  8. I think your space is just awesome and looks really neat to me. I see you like Americana.