Tuesday, February 27, 2007

Good Tuesday Morning!

Good morning to you! Hope you all had a nice weekend and the new week started off right for you. Dh was off yesterday and we spent a lot of the day working outside. I managed to get some cleaning done in my herb beds. I'm still contemplating pulling out my oregano and starting over on it. Chives, notorious for taking over everything, have been completely consumed by my oregano. I'd like to somehow balance out my herb beds so that I have enough of each one to enjoy looking at as well as have enough to cook with. I try not to make my plans too 'big', but this time of year it is easy to get carried away with what I plan to do!

These purple crocus were buried beneath the leaves under one of my azalea bushes. It's the only crocus I have left from planting over fifteen years ago. It is so beautiful that I am promising myself to get some more spring bulbs planted next fall! It's such a joy to see color after a long, grey winter.

Everyone have a great day.



  1. They are very nice. After the Winter you all have had, I can see why some color other then white and gray can add a spark in your day.

  2. The flowers are beautiful. Itsn't it wonderful how God always has beauty somewhere even if it is tucked under some leaves. I wish you a very happy day. Connie from Texas

  3. What a beautiful photo!! I just love that color blue!! I've got to clean out my herb bed too but am afaird we might have another hard freeze?

  4. Beautiful picture and beautiful flowers! I can't imagine that right now, as a matter of fact it's been snowing on and off here all day. We still have a ways to go which is normal for us in the Northeast. Anyway, I sure enjoyed seeing some of what I'm sure is gonna be-a most lovely garden! Claudia O.

  5. Oh these are just beautiful! I'm so enjoying the pics of Spring flowers, which you lucky gals {who have them} are posting. Just snow outside my window, still.

    And you said you love hand written letters and handmade things. I am not creative with making things but... I _can_ write a letter. :-) And have had fun doing so.


  6. They are so bright and cheerful...their color just pops!!

  7. Just such a beautiful photo! Could not be sweeter!
    How I wish we had such sweetness in our yard! But, it will come soon...at least I HOPE so!
    I hope your week is going well...
    stay well dear Rosemary!

  8. Beautiful! My crocous is up, but hasn't bloomed yet. I'm getting the itch to be in the dirt myself. Maybe this weekend!

  9. How beautiful!! Thanks for showing them, reminds me I have the same beauties doing their thing under that 2 feet of snow!!! hehe!

  10. Oh My Rosemary! Those are so gorgeous and your photo of them is awesome. I would love to have some of those coming up each spring.

  11. Golly, what a beautiful photo! I wish I could see those here...but all I see is snow...