Tuesday, February 6, 2007

Sweethearts Of Days Gone By. . . .

With the approach of St. Valentines Day, love is a little closer to our minds. Last night, sorting through some old photographs, I began pulling out photos of different couples, letting my mind wander as to what their life was like. The adorable couple above are my husband's great grandparents. I fell in love with this picture the moment I saw it. They are so young, so sweet looking. I am just starting on my husband's family history, so I'm not as familiar with it as I want to be, but I do know that these two married, had two children and ran a general store. I wonder what they were thinking about, what their dreams were of their future the day that this photograph was taken? Did their life measure up to anything that they had hoped for? I had the privilege of knowing their son for a brief time, and I do know that he was a good man, a son for any parent to be proud of. Sometimes, I think, looking back is as important as looking forward. These sweethearts of the past are the reason that we are here today. Take a moment and think about those that have gone before you and be thankful.
We are supposed to have a beautiful day here, today. High of near 65! Oh, I hope so. I'm looking forward to getting out and maybe getting a couple of photos. I also plan to do a little bit of organizing today. Isn't it funny that when the weather is finally nice and I can get outside, it makes me ready to work inside?



  1. what a cute couple...with my active imagination I see that she thinks the photographer is a flirt and he does not like the photographers antics...lol!!

  2. Aren't old family photos delightful? I can never get enough, even when they're not mine!

  3. What a lovely couple!! I love and treasure old photos, you will enjoy peeking into your hubbys family history. Beautiful photo!

  4. Old photo are the best. What is might tell us and what really is going on can be two diffrent things. Thats a nice picture.

  5. An adorable couple. Old pictures are the best. Keeping up with family history is also neat. 65 degrees-huh-. Must be nice. We got 4" of snow. Umm-

    Take care,

  6. What wonderful old photos! And to think they are of your own family! I always enjoy old photographs. Sometimes I even have some history with them and it is always fascinating-But I have very few old photos of my own family. They are a treasure for sure!

  7. Hi! I am interested in family history too and love to look at old photos. I often wonder how long they had to stand still for these pics:-) Thank you for sharing yours.