Friday, February 2, 2007

Cold Sunny Friday

Good morning, everyone. We still have a shallow layer of snow on the ground and it is cold, but I think we just might see the sun! I've missed that big yellow orb in the sky the last few days. Especially since it helps warm up the inside of the cabin. We are definitely starting to cool down in here, despite the roaring fire we keep going all day. After getting my morning chores done--dishes, laundry and sweeping, I think I'll break out my craft supplies and get a little more work done on some Valentine cards I'm making for my daughters. I'll post some pics of them once I get them sent off to the girls.

Everybody have a fantastic day.



  1. No better way to spend a cold day inside than do some crafting!! I'm still making valentines for friends and family too, love it!

  2. We had a small amount of snow the other day, pretty much the same amount you have. Then today we got a lot more and a snow fall warning. That can't be good. It sure is pretty but not fun to shovel! :)

  3. The perfect way to spend a day!
    It is so cold here and only getting colder.
    No more snow today but a bit is due in tonmorrow.
    You stay warm now in that cozy cabin.

  4. When its cold there is no better way than to be inside. Today it will be 18 as the high. Tomorrow the high will be 9. The regular low for Monday and Tuesday will be -2. Well- we have to look at the bright side. We have had a cold snap which should kill some of the bugs for the summer. I hope.

    Stay warm. I intend to. Wearing my flannels now.

    Take care,

  5. What a wonderful way to spend the day!

    I am in love with the vintage Valentine card you posted...where did you find it???

  6. What a sweet Valentine.
    Cold here also. -30 with the wind last night.

  7. Hi everyone. Hope you are all staying warm. French Nest, I found the valentine on this link:

    I googled up: oldfashioned valentines--if that site doesn't work. They are free to use on your web site if you sent her an email.

  8. How have I managed to miss your blog, Rosemary? Your photos are outstanding!